The Color of Dirt

The first coat of stucco went on…and my heart sank.  It looked pinkish brown…way too much red pigment, so I talked to them about mixing in a bag of black for the second coat….MUCH better. My goal is to match the color of the soil as much as possible so that the wall recedes into the hillside.  When that first coat went on…all I could think about was how many hours I would have to spend staining it to tone down the color….very relieved I won’t have to do that now.

Santa Fe Red!

looking very Santa Fe scary to me here…..

WAY too red

First Coat Stucco

Then the second batch of mortar mix…..

second coat-new mix

new mix color

You can see the difference between the 2 colors below….

contrast 2 coats

When will it end?  Soon..we hope.  Weather has been cooperating so MAYBE by the beginning of next week we’ll be done with all this mess….6 weeks and counting….