Tree on a Wedding Cake

Since so many people have already started decorating for the holidays, I figured I’d better post this little DIY even though I haven’t joined the masses yet.  These photos are from last year.  Here’s the ModFruGal trick for stretching your Christmas tree budget.

I’m a live tree person (don’t hate me eco-cops), and I have high ceilings.   I needed a way to give my tree better presence without having to throw $200 at the project.  Instead of buying a 12 ft tree, I bought an 8-9 ft tree and put it on our “wedding cake” platforms.  It creates a tiered surface area for presents, makes it nice and easy to get at them…and adds a few feet of height to a $65 Home Depot tree.  The platforms took the CC about an hour to screw together with some scrap plywood etc.. we had in the garage.  I wrapped it up in some burlap and called it a day.

Guess I’d better head to the attic and start dragging all the decorations down.  eh…maybe tomorrow.


2008 tree done