Stairs to Die For

I mean, for real.  I get hard time because of our yet to be redone railings, but this post on Emma’s Designblogg got me thinking….

What kind of “favors” are the homeowners slipping the code inspectors for these houses?!  I think these are stunning to look at…as an art installation.  Scares the crap out of me to think of climbing them after cocktails.

Seriously, I LOVE the look, but,  practical or safe…uh…no.  How is this allowed?

I ask my architect (and lawyer for that matter) friends to educate me on how this is legal, when I couldn’t have 3 measly steps to the driveway without a honkin’ railing to meet code.  REALLY.  I need to know.  Is there a waiver you sign that says “…whoever lives/visits here can be maimed/killed with a single misstep (heh), yet the stairs will remain blameless….”

via Stair Porn

via stair porn

From where I’m sitting, some code inspector must be planning his next vacation home purchase when he sees plans with these in them, cuz frankly, I don’t think a night out with some lap dances will suffice here.  Thoughts?  Insights?