Slab Happy

I’ve been wanting to incorporate some live edge slabs in here since we bought the place…it just seems to fit…and with these trees toppling around me, sooner or later, one of them might just be the right kind for milling something fab.  I gave up on my dreams of a Nakashima dining table long ago, but have moved on to other slabsessions.

Back when I still read Apartment Therapy, I got all slobbery over this post…especially if I had about $13k laying around.  I’d love to have any of these as my headboard…maybe then we’d finally get our bed off the floor…one can dream.  These first two from Meyer and Wells and Urban Hardwoods are my faves….

Photos via AT

Then there’s this one ….

Photo via JC Sterling

and of course, the classic….

via Nakashima Woodworker

Photos via Live Edge Design

Another avenue is to possibly incorporate a slab in one of the bathroom renovations….the half bath might be the most feasible one.

Photo via Western Art and Architecture

Photo via Design Milk

And remember when I so loved this?

I still do….breakfast bar/backsplash…ahhhh…gorge.

Currently, the only wooden benefit from these trees falling around us is lots of firewood…..and some stumpytime.

Photo via Design Milk

We’ve got quite a collection of similar stump stools and tables going now….but it’s the slabs I covet.  One day….