Heart be Still

Oh my, I just saw this on Apartment Therapy and I’m seriously digging it.  I was so afraid of the dark cabinets that I really wanted in the kitchen because of my dark floors…how wrong I was…it would have worked!  AND…she has the live edge wood bars and backsplashes I so want to put into … Continue reading “Heart be Still”

Half Bath

Longtime readers might remember the previous post about the half bath here. I’ll give you this final glimpse of the “before”, since I’m happy to report that we are finally getting around to dealing with it. So there’s the difficult as hell to photograph, 23 square feet of 70’s deluxe bath action we’ve had going … Continue reading “Half Bath”

Year Three

As promised, I’ll try and summarize what happened around the ranch this past year and see where we’re headed for 2012. Recaps for previous years here:  Year One, Year Two Around the house: We got rid of the dining room chair rail. I built a temporary patio/firepit. I made an ass for myself. Hosted a … Continue reading “Year Three”

Holidays Insta-dump

I didn’t blog much over the Holidays since I’ve become such a fan of Instagram.  It doesn’t mean I won’t ever be back here, but it has definitely changed the way I share.  Being able to snap on the go minus all the time required for a blog post=more time for family and friends=good thing.  … Continue reading “Holidays Insta-dump”

Crafty Time

I’ve always been attracted to geometric string art, and when this photo started making the rounds, I filed it away for a rainy day. Photo via sub-culture via Apartment Therapy I absolutely loved it just as it was….until I read the comments…where the consensus was,  it isn’t really a cardioid,  it’s just a big butt.  … Continue reading “Crafty Time”