Pea Gravel Patio – Unfinished Business

Well folks, the CC has spoken.  There will not be a project stucco session this weekend, or the foreseeable future. (GASP!)  That ugly unfinished wall doesn’t eat at him like it does me, so it seems we are back to shoveling.  You must know how thrilled and excited I am at this logical decision.  ANOTHER unfinished project at the Regal Beagle. $#@!*%!!!!!  Un. Freaking. Believable!!!!

Actually, it’s incredibly believable, but I just had to vent.

So, where does that leave us?  Let’s have a little refresher on where we started, shall we?

BTW, all that effort spent transplanting that dogwood to the front FAILED.  It drowned during the Saturation.

What a mess that was.

So now…..

What the hell is that orange tower by the front door?!  Oh, that’s just a remnant of the rearranging frenzy.  It’s a CB2 totem pole of stools looking for the right home out here.

If I was a fancy design blogger I’d photoshop that hose out, but you got me, so enjoy!

My least favorite table functioned the best in the sitting area, so I’m thinking I’ll jazz it up with a stone top, like so…..

I’ve been wanting to incorporate an onyx slab around here somewhere and the table is small enough I might actually be able to afford it so, it might happen!  Paint the table base and then I’ll have both an attractive AND functional table.

Remember my Costco Maples?  We had planned to plant black bamboo here, but I’m concerned there’s not enough sunlight, so before I smack down $300 on bamboo, let’s try this first.

It may not be perfect, but we’ve come a long way, and the Things really like this set up, so I’m going with it…for now.

Oh, and I need MORE PLANTS!!!!  It’s the flea today, so I’m off to see what living and inanimate treasures I can find.  Back soon with the Friday Flea.

UPDATE:  Fab reader Lisa of Life Illustrated decided to take pity on this girl….Look how nice…no hose!!

Now if only we could photoshop in that stucco..for REAL!!!!  Thanks Lisa!!