Look real secure to walk on…eh?

Do I really need to say more?  My walls and steps are, in reality, a snake/chipmunk/yellow jacket multi-family dwelling that has GOT to be torn down.  Time for these critters to move along and time for me to have an entry that won’t kill anyone…..always a death or severe injury to guests…not too much to

Those Wizards of Oz

The latest issue of Dwell had me nodding my head vigorously as I read the cover “Why are the world’s best houses in Australia and New Zealand?”

The Aussies have also got this building material I’ve been trying to source in the US – unsuccessfully, so this is a call for help if anyone knows.

The magic I’m after is concrete crib walls and concrete “sleepers” or rail ties.  Concrib in Australia makes the crib wall retention systems I’m so fascinated by – they are used in big commercial projects such as highway bridge erosion control.  Engineering genius- and I think the look is stunning – softer than solid hardscape.   The other option I seek is the concrete sleepers. The photos of those here are from Modular Concrete Sleepers and Boonah Landscaping.

I have a retaining wall situation in my 70’s modern home with a 6 foot high tower of crumbling, chipmunk infested, rotten wood sleepers.   I especially like the sleek joining of sleepers with the metal beams.  Anyone who has some knowledge to share will be my hero.