Let’s Get This Potty Started….

I have 3 bathrooms to renovate.  A big draw in buying this place was the condition of the baths-they may be ugly but are fully functional, thus buying us a bit of time.

Doesn’t it seem like a conspiracy when the one thing you didn’t want to deal with rudely forces itself on you like the flu?  The upstairs toilet is leaking.  There is NO way I’m ready to redo that whole bathroom yet because there are walls to be moved, so let’s just focus on potty replacement as our band-aid. That 70’s tile isn’t really all that bad, and the kids don’t seem to mind having only an 18 inch wide walkway by their sinks….really!  I’m sick of plunging anyway.

I’m down to 3 contenders.  The Toto Aquia Dual Flush, the Kohler Persuade Dual Flush and the Jacuzzi Espree.  The Espree is not dual flush, but a high efficiency flush. That plumbing guru Terry Love and his fans say this is a no brainer…Toto all the way.  I am put off by the…ahem…skidmark problem reported by Toto users.  They don’t seem to mind though….they say…”just keep a brush handy..best toilet ever!” Dedicated following.  I’ll admit my cheap and impatient side has me seduced by the NOW availability (Lowes) of the Espree. The other 2 are mail order only where I live.  Whatever we choose will be installed by my fabulous crafty counterpart.