Firewood Fashions

It’s really cold today and I’m thinking fire.  I’ve been looking for something attractive to keep the firewood contained indoors….

dwr firewood fab_2

I LOVE THAT.  Lurv it sumtin’ awful.

No idea who/where/how…I tore it out of a DWR catalog ages ago…probably a custom job.

UPDATE: Finally figured out it’s by Olle Lundberg in his California cabin.

When the CC gets comfortable with his welding, maybe this can be the ultimate project?  Although, that’s a lot of heavy metal…I don’t really think that’s DIYable for us.  Paying a metalsmith to make it sounds great, but it will probably be $1000…so…dream on….

475_ftf log holder remodelista

This is cool….but, since I’m too cheap to pay $475 for it on Remodelista, maybe we can mold some lucite in the same shape…we’ve had success with lucite molding in the past (with the heat gun-not the crafty one, the real one that peels paint).  It would have to be thicker than anything we’ve done before though….hmmmm…

Bebop+Wood+Basket all modern 355

This doesn’t look like it holds enough wood to get through one night.  I want something that can hold 2-3 evenings worth so when it’s raining, you don’t have to drag in wood from the wet.  Blomus for a mere $355….ouch!

conran spirograph basket $95

This is nice…and only $95, but again, impractical b/c logs drop stuff. Lots of little bits of dust and wood shreds.   I’d have to vacuum under it daily.  For outdoors…great, but I’ve got that covered.

creative-firewood-holders-by-ak47-design-1I’m sorry, but I think this is just stupid….uncomfortable and stupid.  You can’t keep the same wood in there because of bugs, you’d have to rebuild your chaise every time you had a fire.  Really, AK47.

$15 bin from Lowes

Fugly.  But it’s all I got, so I guess I’ll just stick with this $15 bin from Lowes until we fire up the heat gun and see what happens in lucite land…..