Treehouse Update

UPDATE:  I was able to get a few better snaps before the rain this morning…so I’ve added them in.

Again, the weather has been impeding our progress quite a bit, and this weekend was no exception. More rain, but we did manage a few steps forward.

There is now a proper roof in place, so we can officially stop worrying what all that rain is doing to our wood underlayment.

I think the only way I can get a decent distance shot of the treehouse roof is going to be to climb on the roof of our main house.  I think I’ll put that off until the final reveal if you don’t mind, so here’s your crummy visual obscured by foliage.  You’re welcome.

Nice clean edge with the flashing in place…oh, and did I mention we installed a skylight?  Here’s how it went down…..

While I would have preferred the cleaner look without them, structurally, the polycarbonate can’t span that long of a distance without supports…it’s too thin, so the CC notched in these aluminum support pieces.  Unobtrusive and functional.


We lined up the skylight with the window to give a sense of continuity. Another reason is simply safety.  When we enclose the bottom area, this side of the treehouse will host the ladder well, so natural light will be needed so you can see your way down into “the bunker.”

We can vouch for the performance of our new roof, as we were in the treehouse when another storm passed through, and we stayed nice and dry.

It may be noisy, but I am really enjoying the sound of rain on a metal roof.  I seriously doubt I would feel the same way in the middle of the night.