Once Upon a Time, I Had Basil…

….and it was OBSCENE.

This is a photo from my last house….2 of many, many planting beds I had to feed my gardening fix.  I made and froze enough pesto to last 2 years and I still gave half of it away to my neighbors.  These beds got SO much sun that anything I planted there became overgrown quickly.  It will be interesting to see if the deer will let me ever have anything like this again, but you know I’m going to try…maybe in the tallest part of the new beds at the side of the house.

Early spring brought lettuces, spinach, arugula…..ahhh….spring….I’m ready baby!

After a long day of digging in the dirt…I’d rinse off with a nice, hot outdoor shower.  We’ve GOT to build another one of those.  It was probably my favorite of all our DIYs at that house.  I’d love one facing out to the forest with a Japanese zen vibe…better put that on the To Do list.