Firewood Shelter Update

The CC has all but finished the shelter.  It’s super simple, but it will make this whole process of retrieving and storing SO much better. We are debating staining the wood, or just leaving it to grey down.

We already had the 2 log racks with these brown covers, but it just never really worked with the wind and rain, especially once the wood got low. The cover would sag and hold water etc…

He’s been talking about wanting something better since we moved in, so it was time.  Now our wood can season over the summer in its new, fancy house. The Woodhouse? Woodshed? Yikes! No, it can’t be that. There’s no switching or woodshed treatment here, even if it is Tennessee.

Anyway, here’s how it went.

So once the roof was up, you could still see the ugly of our air units.  Plus the wind and rain blow straight into this direction, so we cut up the old tarp that used to be on the log holders and added grommets to make easily removable walls to the structure. We left the sides open for air circulation.

Excuse the mess all’s a work zone!

Those side brackets give it extra stability from the wind.

Shall we peek inside?

Just as this was getting finished, the electric company cut down a Hackberry tree in our front yard and left the big pieces of wood laying in our grass for about 5 days. The CC decided it was a good opportunity to refresh the stumps at Camp VÃ¥gö. Making the lemonade people…making the lemonade.

He headed down with the chainsaw and tractor and brought back these!


And the old stumps are now perfect for splitting and storing for winter.

Yes, my man is a lumberjack, and you can’t have him.

It is filling up quite nicely.

looking from herb garden toward the deck/camp vago