The Brick House Does Adelman

The Brick House seriously rocked it this weekend by completing the DIY of Lindsey Adelman, adored previously here.

I had no idea Adelman had posted DIY instructions on her website!  Her work is so is really generous of her to take pity on those of us who can’t afford her!

I’m super impressed with the results.  To see more photos of The Brick House’s DIY go here.

Photo by The Brick House

Panthella v. Brasa + Ada

Has anyone given Ikea’s Brasa…aka Verner Panton’s Panthella knock-off a spin?  They’ve been out a few months now….for $80 v. $610…makes me wonder….if you HAPPENED to have a $60 CB2 Ada lying around….and switched out the shade with the Brasa…..Hmmmmm…..

ikea brasa $80

switcheroo the base with this……

AdaTableLampWhite$60 cb2

and you’ve shamelessly knocked off this…….

panthella-table-01 $610 2modern

I know…I’m going to hell.  Time for the old disclaimer again…..I acknowledge the sin against art when I post a copycat.

Platner Poser

I just can’t help it….I look at a Warren Platner inspired trashcan from Chiasso and there it is – Hey!  Make it a table!  Is nothing sacred?  Apparently not.

Glass is cheap….get a piece cut and there’s your bargain.  There is one caveat…it would be a far more stable surface if you flipped the can upside down.  That said, I’d actually prefer it that way with a top of onyx or other natural stone.  For such a small area, you could get a remnant or scrap piece for probably $25 or less.

Big style, small price, and customized to your taste.

Platner for Knoll Side Table $662  at All Modern
Platner for Knoll Side Table $662 at All Modern

Chiasso's Waste Can for $28
Chiasso's Waste Can for $28

Trestles v. Sawhorses

What timing!  I just had to point out the Tolix Trestles in this afternoon’s post on Remodelista. $595 v. $50 for 2 trestles (posted earlier today).  Yes…theirs are chic, sleek and French with no bolts showing..but the legs don’t adjust from dining to coffee table height, now do they?   Both are powder coated steel.  If I’m paying $1200 for a complete table…I don’t want it to look even CLOSE to something that might get done for $75.  There is always this danger with an industrial chic look.  Designer v. Down and Dirty… you decide…just sayin’.

Yellow Tolix Trestle Table $595 sans Top$50/Pair Yelow Trestles/Sawhorses from Lowes

Stejnar v. Maskros

I always wanted an Emil Stejnar chandelier for my last house, and the funny thing is that the pricing was all over the shop for those a few years ago…I could find them on e-bay with a single broken flower for about $400…so I figured if I sleuthed enough…maybe I could get a good deal on one without broken glass…although, with all those flowers, a single broken one could easily go undetected. I was hopeful.

Then something happened…I missed the watershed moment, but Kelly Wearstler or some other wildly popular designer from a few years back must have featured one, because, for the past couple of years..this is what they are going for:

$12,000.00 Stejnar Chandelier
$12,000.00 Stejnar Chandelier
Attributed to Stejnar for ONLY $4,800.00
Attributed to Stejnar for ONLY $4,800.00

Stejnar is all wrong for the Regal Beagle, too formal…but Ikea has felt our pain once again and offered up their new Maskros.  The shelter blogs went nuts for this when it was unveiled in Europe a few months ago…but I hate to feature anything you can’t get your hands on yet, so, I waited until it showed up here.  Sure, it’s paper, not Austrian glass, but a great look on a budget.  If I were trying to pull it off in a more formal setting, I’d group several of them at different heights and the drama of that alone would distract many from the fact that your statement chandelier is paper!  Tord Boontje has been doing very well for years now with his paper chandeliers/pendants at the same price point, so why not Ikea?

$90 Maskros from Ikea
$90 Maskros from Ikea

Miner 49er

My go-to for budget knock-offs of classics is getting the copycat.  Looking through the new CB2 catalog, I couldn’t help but notice how nicely they had jazzed up a water heater table like mine.   Although the Miner’s splayed legs and built in patina are a nice design it worth $150 vs $20?

Although my table was purchased at Home Depot several years ago…I’ve seen some other good ones online.  I would, of course, check your local plumbing supply stores as well as Lowe’s/Home Depot to save yourself the shipping.

See…just when you think you found a cheap buy…there’s always one cheaper!  I never thought copycat would feature a CB2 knock-off…go figure.

CB2's Miner @ $149
CB2's Miner @ $149
Water Heater  Stand $28 @
Water Heater Stand $28 @
Home Depot's Water Heater Stand
Home Depot's $20 Water Heater Stand