Nothing To See Here….

I wish I could tell you we were finished and camping out in the treehouse by now, but the rain gods have had other ideas about that on the weekends.

We have managed to ditch the camo cloak and get the plywood roofing finished and tar-papered…and…well, that’s about it.

The sun comes out during the week when there’s NO time to work on it…and buckets down just in time for Friday afternoon through Sunday.  Ah, Spring.

In the meantime, I try to dodge these little guys.  They like to fly right into your forehead, just to test your bladder control and ability to refrain shouting loud obscenities in front of your children.

Thing Two isn’t really bothered…this is his budding collection.


Chigger face morphed into chigger AND Poison Ivy torso…we now blame my tainted gloves.  FUN! While hunting for some new ones, I found these on sale at Target for $8.99.  They are super soft and awesome. It says out of stock online, but my local store had several pair left.


We are also thinking about all the communities along the Mississippi River who have been flooded, or will be in a few days…a link for donations to the Red Cross here.