Treehouse Update

Safety first kids….er, um, in our case, almost dead last.  At least we got there, right? RIGHT.

The hog panel railings are in, as is the handrail on the looong ladder.

We are debating the pipe finish.  I’m in the camp of letting it rust and age a bit, then clear coat to seal the patina.

So what does this milestone mean?  More than it looks like because now, I feel it’s OK for the Things to have friends come and play in the treehouse.  Without these key safety features, there had to be adult supervision for friends to climb up and check out the progress.

Railings = Freedom!

It wouldn’t be a proper structure without the bucket/pulley dealio, now would it?

Just in time for the weekend.  When their buddies come over, I’ll fill the bucket with their snacks so they can hoist them up for a feeding frenzy.

Railings and Steps in Progress

One of the many things that has us a bit crazy lately is that we are rushing to add those finishing touches to the deck that we mentioned here, here and here.

It has to be done before Halloween so that children unfamiliar with the place don’t fall 3 feet off the deck onto the pine straw patio. Yes, we are hosting a Haunted Forest shindig, so time is a-ticking to keep the kiddies safe…except that I may scare them all away cuz I’ll be wearing this.  Too bad.

So what are these “finishing touches” you ask? More hog panel, of course, since we ripped out that old railing during the staining, and…well, while you’re there…let’s move the steps and expand them!

Since we’re all feelin fall-ish, I thought a snow shot of the old railings might be soothing…

OK, so here’s how it’s been going…some new hog panel up, some fugly lattice still hanging out to taunt me…your days are numbered so enjoy your limited life….

New steps will center on the door where all those tools and crap are….

But the ground isn’t level so the CC poured a concrete pad….. (can you BELIEVE the mess?)

and last night he got the first treads up….

…and here it is next to the old steps, which should be coming down shortly.  Getting close, but yet so far….soon!

Come ON!

Frustrated renovator/brattypants alert.  Remember how I’ve been wanting to finish up the new decks by staining them?  I can’t make it happen no matter how hard I try.

First, it was too cold.  Then it was too wet…so wet we flooded, with water restrictions until June = no pressure washing.  When the water restrictions were lifted, I was ready to go…and quickly before the heat kicked in.  *Insert loud buzzer noise* Rained every weekend.  This past weekend, I managed to squeeze it in before another storm, only to have it rain again yesterday.  I’m SUPPOSED to let the decks dry for FIVE days before staining them.  With this forecast (same every week, I swear) how am I supposed to finish? BTW, that 94 is a freakin’ lie.  They said it would be 94 yesterday and it was 99.  Optimists.  Despite working with water, I was dizzy with the heat whilst washing.

With the humidity, the heat index puts us at about 108 degrees.  (I know, my Texans…no pity party expected, just venting).  Oh, I should also clarify that any % rain with the clouds means it’s raining.  They can’t forecast well here.  Seriously.  I had planned to knock out staining in the wee hours of the morning all week when it was cooler, but…it keeps getting wet!  This five day thing may have to be changed to 2 days b/c that seems to be all the dry days we can muster.

Now that I’ve ranted, we will spiral into a severe drought and we will beg for rain again.  It will be my fault.  Maybe I have to wait until the fall?  It’s only going to get hotter this summer.

Before: Where the old met the new after…oh…could it be RAIN?

Now: Pressure washed where the old meets the new.  Ready for stain…but when…in 2011?!

Oh, and another reason I’m grumpy is because we were STUPID not replacing the railings with the hog panel when they were building it (and already had panels here for the front.) This one was free since it had already been here, but in hindsight, it would have been very little extra money to swap out the rails then, since they were already in the throes of it.  It’s a LOT of work for me to stain those rails only to tear them out, so now is the time.  Of course, we’ll have to rent a truck to go get more panels.  Ack!  The troll, a.k.a. Mrs. Crankenstein N. Grumplestiltskin will crawl back into her cave now and crank up the noise of the vuvuzelas until she keels over.

Hog Wild

So, the upper deck at the front door will remain, but all around it will be different.  The access will be moved to the driveway side and the heavy railings will be replaced, hopefully, with something like you see below.  These are hog panels…yeah, I know…my own pig pen!

The panels run, on average, $20 each.   I love the idea of these budget railings since they can be DIYed easily.  The owners of this house took all the photos below….with more here.  A great solution that I hope to steal once the mudfest subsides.  I’m thinking we’ll probably stain the wood which will (hopefully) add to the look.

hog panel railingtexas plathouse rails