I decided to spiffy up the living room by rearranging some art and FINALLY reorganizing those annoying bookshelves.  Better, I think.  Still room for improvement, but in case you haven’t figured it out by now…nothing is ever finished, it’s always a work in progress…and anything can change, at any time. I brought my Chinese Pug … Continue reading “Switcheroo”


I think I’m finally over hatin’ on my living room. For now anyway. As much as I wish I could say that Erin’s fab post on sectionals at Design Crisis made me go out and take care of business, this little surprise was already in the works.  Remember my longing and dreaming for a groovy … Continue reading “Switcheroo”


Much better.  I had planned to create a photo wall above the buffet, but didn’t like how the others were working with Blurb’s photo.  I’ve had this Walter Inglis Anderson print for years and decided it needed a facelift.  New frames can be as fulfilling as a new paint job in a room…it changes everything. … Continue reading “Switcheroo”

Best Find

When Chairish asked me to do a post on my best find, I was flattered and terrified all at once.* I am TERRIBLE at picking favorite anythings. 95% of my furnishings are vintage/previously loved, so how do you even qualify such a thing? Is it the piece that has the most value in relation to … Continue reading “Best Find”

The Walken

I KNOW. It’s been so long I almost forgot how to access the dashboard here. So lame. That said, let’s discuss celebrity, shall we? Specifically, celebrity art. If anyone had ever asked me if I would have the image of a celebrity in my house, I would have answered “No.” without hesitation. My taste in … Continue reading “The Walken”