Flea Market

The flea was a fun morning out yesterday…chilly, and lots of the usual vendors weren’t there, but there were certainly enough to make it worth the trip.  This is my first flea without the DSLR, and I must admit that taking a break from lugging that thing is nice.

Those elves set off my coulrophobia. No. Can. Do.

How do you say, ah yes…Lèche?

I really, really loved this rattan and leather goodness.  Only $65!

Jesus in the egg plates…there’s a country song in there somewhere.

OK, so funny/creepy story about these chairs…kind of.  I was admiring them and considering dragging them home, (in order to ensure my holiday would be a lonely, sad place as the CC would pack up and leave me if I did such a thing right now) when this older gentleman came up to me and asked what I liked about them.  He wanted to know what “young people” look for these days.

Clearly this man hasn’t been to his eye doctor in awhile, since I don’t fall into that category by about 15-20 years.  I set him straight and chatted with him a bit, when my senses, dulled by the flattery, missed the cue that this story he was starting was going to be loooooong.  Mid story, he wiped his nose and an enormous booger appeared, and just sat on the end of his nose like a gargoyle on Notre Dame.

As the story of the table restoration dragged on, it was ALL I COULD SEE, obvs, thank you big sunglasses.  I kept listening for some sort of break in the story to make my escape, but I didn’t want to be rude…it’s the holidays!  Finally, he was winding down and before he could continue I made my parting comments and wished him well, when he started following me and asking what else the “young people” like!  Dude..really?!

I shouted over my shoulder as I scurried away “I already TOLD you…HAPPY HOLIDAYS!” and sprinted into the next building I could find.  Now I’ll have to be on the lookout for the Boogeyman every time I hit the flea.  Good Times.

Flea Market Review

I’m sorry my flea post is too late to give any locals a preview-it’s more of a review, I’m afraid, BUT, there’s a really good reason I’m late.  I had 2 fabulous friends come into town this weekend to hit the flea with me and we were having way too much fun to hang out on the interwebs.

The one that I let get away.  I just couldn’t drag home another project this large when the garage is full of stuff for The Sale.  The fiberglass was in very salvageable shape.  It was lovely and should have been mine, in an other place and time.

After the flea, we hit the antique malls and junk stores…and at the end of the day, we felt kinda like this….

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I know I did.  But, I must sleep now.  Late nights at Camp Vågö have whipped my wimpy ass.

Preview week starts tomorrow…so much to do, so little time.

Friday Flea

Another sweaty flea, but a good day.

This lamp was a dreamboat…but too pricey.

I’d love to see who brings this home…..frat house?

OK…can we discuss these?  I’ve never seen these in “caucasian.”  Blackamoor figurines are controversial and widely considered racist, so which scenario do we find more offensive…owning them as they were made so many years ago, or painting them white?!  Discuss amongst yourselves.


So what did I get?  Smalls today….pics taken down in the garage dungeon…so, not the best light.


More birdies that are exactly the same as the ones in my dining room.

The CC thinks I’ve lost it with these guys…

Most of these items will not be staying with me, but will be sold at the blogger tag sale on October 1st.  Details to come very soon.  Have a great weekend!

Friday Flea

It felt so good to get out to the flea today…I’ve missed a few and there has been a gaping hole in my heart longing for an outdoor dig of dusty, musty treasures.



Kenny Loggins was the first thing my eyes landed on when I walked in.  I took this as a good sign that this might be a good day of junkin’.  He, who popularized the parachute prison jumpsuit as high fashion, stood as a beacon to all who entered.


This was only $2, and I should have dragged it home, but it was super rusty and I had visions of it sitting in my garage for 3 years waiting for the CC to pour a concrete top for it, like this….

Oh well, someone will do something fun with those legs I hope.

These stools looked new, but someone could tweak them a bit to give them that little sumtin’ sumtin’.



Some say Vintage Vultures, some say Lucky Buzzards.  THIS guy is exactly why I adore the flea.


The pair of Nelson headboards wasn’t going to last long, but I just don’t have room in the booth and I don’t need them…but aren’t they lovely?  This lighted bedside table is a piece I had never seen before.  If it hadn’t been packaged with the headboards I’d have snatched it up.


I grabbed my camera as I was rushing out the door and I had the zoom lens on…this proved very difficult in tight spaces, like here, where I couldn’t get far enough back to get a full shot.  I hate it when I do dumbass things like that.

So what did I get?

A bench,


…and a super groovy vintage lamp for the booth…the pale part of the base has a bulb in it so it glows when lit.


I also got these….


…two desk lamps and this nightstand.  I’m beside myself excited about this nightstand….check it…


American of Martinsville solid wood goodness needs some cleaning and refinishing, but she will GLEAM when she’s done…GLEAM I tell you.

A successful couple of days after the junkin’ drought of late.  Now to attend some social gatherings involving the required grills and beer to kick off a nice long weekend.  Have a great holiday everyone!

Flea Market Friday + Estate Sale

So I didn’t take the camera with me to the Flea because:

1) It was freezing, which requires gloves off for shooting pics.

2) I’m supposed to be on a break.

3) I’m lazy.

I bought some fun things for the booth, and for the house, and some things that will begin their limbo test drive phase.  You know, you bring it home and start to reconsider selling it, so you leave it in the house for a few weeks as a trial run.  If it makes you smile when you walk past it..it stays.  Well, until something better comes along…

Love these, but don’t need these…

I think after I pop the paint by number out and redo the frame..I will not want to let it go…another for the limbo set…

Keeping this box as a super stylish pencil holder for my desk….

The lacquer set was still wrapped in plastic and never even used….methinks this will add a little pan-asian panache to Dim Sunday.


All the Asian stuff came from this crazy estate sale.  Packed to the ceiling with goodies from Japan and Germany, where they lived for 30 years.  I’ve never seen so much lacquer and spingerle molds in one place- such a contrast of cultures.  I could have nosed around there all day.


Friday Flea

Not much time for chit chat..let’s just look…


I ‘m really crabby about what happened with this…..

Let’s just say I tried to buy it…but some snot nosed teenager with her mother had it on “HOLD”.  When I came to look at it, they got all possessive and rude. If you want it, BUY IT.  I’m standing here with money to buy NOW.

The whole thing was UNCOOL.  I’ve always liked this vendor too, but I am mad at him right now.  I was nice, but I told him next time, I wasn’t going to let him off so easy…or her for that matter.

So I got this…along with some caladiums.  Gorgeous day despite VKG drama.

Have a great weekend!