Bucky’s Defense

Reading comments on other blogs can be very amusing because we are all so different and decor is so subjective!  Trash or Treasure?  This got me thinking about one of my more “controversial” decor items..Bucky.

For those who wonder why I have this oft despised cardboard deer head, allow me to ‘splain why I love him….it’s a bit personal really.

I grew up in a family of hunters, and there was a room in our house with multiple taxidermy deer heads.  When I was little, I would sit in that room by myself and cry for those deer.  I thought Bambi was traumatizing…I just never got past the first 10 minutes.  Yeah, Thumper’s cute, but THEY KILLED BAMBI’S MOTHER!!!!!  This is the same kid who had to be removed from the theater during Snoopy Come Home sobbing uncontrollably because Snoopy RAN AWAY.  I was an emotional kid, just sayin’.

Bucky is kind of my payback.  Now, I live with (protected) deer in my yard daily, and I enjoy their majesty on the wall, the same way my family did, but on my terms.  A nasty pest to some…a sentimental favorite for me.

What is a controversial item in your house and why do you love it?

Tour Chapter 4

Trying to get back on the tour this week…next up……Ye Olde Dining Room.

Plans for in here might involve removing the chair rail.  It is out of place with the architecture methinks.  No other room in the house has it.  I think the previous owners wanted to trad up this room for coziness.  I wanted to paint it black to hide it, but since I wanted the rest of the trim white, I thought that would look weird too.  I still love the matte black in here, but that rail is GOING.

Memba When…

…I brought these unloved tables home?  Then I did the lazy lacquer thing?

My gal Lauri Jones, who is the designer for Worlds Away, decided they would complement her 2011 line pretty well.  So guess what?

Behold the Wangright..in lots of lovely lacquer finishes…..

It’s kinda like the gal from the trailer park makes it big by getting her own Barbie doll.  That table does not have to sleep in her car anymore!  She’s going Hollywood..or actually New York Gift show, but whatevs.  You saw her here, before stardom…with no makeup.  I love a good Horatio Alger story.

Chad’s Winter Wonderland

This is for my local yokels.  I never got around to telling you about my trip to Chad’s.  We went.  It was awesome.  You probably knew about this and have been there, done that…new gal in town had not.  It did not disappoint.  This is Christmas in America dammit.

We drove about 40 minutes out to Lebanon, TN  before Christmas along with hundreds of others……

Really?  Oh Goody.  Let’s slog on, shall we?

What have we here…ah, yes a life sized nativity, very nice…..

Whaaaaaat?!  Is Jesus GLOWING?  Hey, HEY! LOOK….It’s a glowing tiny baby Jesus!!!!!!  TBJ is GLOWING.  Gotta use the flash…..

That’s what I’m talkin’ about.  Fan. Tastic.

Now we head into “Santa’s House”  Oh, look…he has a dog!

Next year, If you haven’t been, GO.